VAHLE Crane Technology
Individual solutions for heavy loads

Cranes are used in many industries. Steel producers, recycling yards and companies from the construction industry VAHLE offers reliable systems for energy and data transmission.

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VAHLE Intralogistics automated small parts warehouse
Automated conveyor technology in the internal flow of goods

Increasing production rates, high throughput volumes and short delivery times require partially or fully automated intralogistics.

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VAHLE Automotive Electric Monorail System (EMS)
Innovative solutions for flexible production processes

Adaptable manufacturing processes are the key to the greatest possible efficiency in vehicle production. VAHLE solutions for energy and data transmission make a significant contribution to this.

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VAHLE Port Technology
Innovative solutions for the ports of tomorrow

Zero emission is the requirement for the port of the future. With the solutions for energy and data transmission from VAHLE, port operators are getting closer to this goal.

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VAHLE Amusement Rides Ferris Wheel
Intelligent solutions for the rides of the future

The amusement, leisure and adventure sectors are often at the cutting-edge of the industry. That's why many ride builders and manufactures rely on VAHLE to provide roller coaster and ride passengers with increasingly extraordinary experiences. 

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VAHLE People Mover streetcar
Automated transport systems for the mobility of the future

Streetcars, sky trains or rolling sidewalks are the future of resource-saving mobility. Many manufacturers rely on components from VAHLE for the design.

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VAHLE General Industry
Innovative solutions for special mobile applications

Stadium roofs, waste incineration plants, facade elevators: Mobile industrial applications are used in many areas. VAHLE offers various special solutions for reliable energy supply and data communication.

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VAHLE data communication
Data communication: fast, flexible and secure

Advancing digitization requires the transmission of ever greater volumes of data. Our vCOM solutions ensure reliable data communication for the control of automated conveyor systems at all times.

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VAHLE positioning
Positioning: robust, flexible and precise

Modern manufacturing requires automated conveyor systems that can be positioned with extreme precision. The prerequisites for this are created by our robust vPOS solutions, which are available with both magnetic and optical processes.

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VAHLE control
Control: mobile, scalable and efficient

Automation is shaping modern production processes more than ever. Numerous mobile conveyor units must be reliably controlled. With our versatile vDRIVE solutions, this can be achieved flexibly and with optimized performance.

Solutions for control systems
VAHLE system solution
System solutions: Everything from a single source

With our holistic system solutions, we offer a perfectly coordinated product combination of power transmission, data communication, positioning and control for a wide range of applications.

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VAHLE Services
VAHLE offers a wide range of services and support, including installation and commissioning, maintenance and repair, spare parts management and training. We are also available to serve as a general contractor for your project, if required.
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EMS system

System solution for electrified monorail systems

Overhead conveyor systems such as electrified monorail systems are a tried-and-tested means of covering long distances in the production process. The vehicles can be driven individually on their mounting rails and controlled with pinpoint accuracy. If one fails, it can be easily removed from the system without affecting the other vehicles.

Since rail systems and hangers can be individually designed, EMS are particularly flexible and are therefore also used in numerous industries. Regardless of the specific area of application, all systems have one thing in common: to ensure reliable operation and maximum availability, they depend on a high-performance energy and data supply system.

VAHLE has developed a process-safe overall solution especially for these requirements. The U10 insulated conductor rail, which can be adapted to almost any track layout, serves as the basis. By combining it with the SMGM (Slotted Microwave Guide Mini) data communication system, the APOS Optic positioning system and the VCS1 drive control, you receive all components from a single source.

Your Vision. Our Solution.

  • All components from a single source
  • Specially tailored for EMS systems
  • No additional superstructures on the EMS profile
  • Simple and fast assembly
  • High level of safety in accordance with required protection guidelines
  • Flexible adaptation possible during installation
Conductor system U10
Rated current 100 A
Conductor cross-section 25 mm2
Rated voltage AC 690 V
Number of poles any
Conductor material copper and stainless steel
Protection class IP21
Max. travel speed 400 m/min
Phase distance 14 mm
Max. suspension distance 0,6 m
Data communication system SMGM
Transmission speed 100 MBit/s
Max. travel speed 180 m/min
Transmission medium VAHLE slotted waveguide
Protocols PROFINET / PROFIsafe
System variants Lite, Standard, Advanced
Positioning system APOS Optic
Code tape DataMatrix code tape
Guide Non-contact system
Measurement type Absolute
Max. travel speed 180 m/min
Protocols RS485, SSI, PROFINET / PROFIsafe

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  • Plant project planning and consulting
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Maintenance, repair and inspections
  • Modernization of existing plants (retrofit)
  • Multi-level training possibilities

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