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VAHLE Crane Technology
Individual solutions for heavy loads

Cranes are used in many industries. Steel producers, recycling yards and companies from the construction industry VAHLE offers reliable systems for energy and data transmission.

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VAHLE Intralogistics automstisches Kleinteilelager (AKL)
Automated conveyor technology in the internal flow of goods

Increasing production rates, high throughput volumes and short delivery times require partially or fully automated intralogistics.

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VAHLE Automotive Elektrohängebahn (EHB)
Innovative solutions for flexible production processes

Adaptable manufacturing processes are the key to the greatest possible efficiency in vehicle production. VAHLE solutions for energy and data transmission make a significant contribution to this.

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VAHLE Port Technology
Innovative solutions for the ports of tomorrow

Zero emission is the requirement for the port of the future. With the solutions for energy and data transmission from VAHLE, port operators are getting closer to this goal.

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VAHLE Amusement Rides Riesenrad
Intelligent solutions for the rides of the future

The amusement, leisure and adventure sectors are often at the cutting-edge of the industry. That's why many ride builders and manufactures rely on VAHLE to provide roller coaster and ride passengers with increasingly extraordinary experiences. 

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VAHLE People Mover Straßenbahn
Automated transport systems for the mobility of the future

Streetcars, sky trains or rolling sidewalks are the future of resource-saving mobility. Many manufacturers rely on components from VAHLE for the design.

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VAHLE General Industry
Innovative solutions for special mobile applications

Stadium roofs, waste incineration plants, facade elevators: Mobile industrial applications are used in many areas. VAHLE offers various special solutions for reliable energy supply and data communication.

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VAHLE Datenübertragung
Data communication: fast, flexible and secure

Advancing digitization requires the transmission of ever greater volumes of data. Our vCOM solutions ensure reliable data communication for the control of automated conveyor systems at all times.

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VAHLE Positionierung
Positioning: robust, flexible and precise

Modern manufacturing requires automated conveyor systems that can be positioned with extreme precision. The prerequisites for this are created by our robust vPOS solutions, which are available with both magnetic and optical processes.

Solutions for positioning
VAHLE Steuerung
Control: mobile, scalable and efficient

Automation is shaping modern production processes more than ever. Numerous mobile conveyor units must be reliably controlled. With our versatile vDRIVE solutions, this can be achieved flexibly and with optimized performance.

Solutions for control systems
VAHLE Systemlösung
System solutions: Everything from a single source

With our holistic system solutions, we offer a perfectly coordinated product combination of power transmission, data communication, positioning and control for a wide range of applications.

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VAHLE Services
VAHLE offers a wide range of services and support, including installation and commissioning, maintenance and repair, spare parts management and training. We are also available to serve as a general contractor for your project, if required.
VAHLE Unternehmen
Who are we? Where do we come from? And where is the journey going? On our company pages you can find out everything about the VAHLE Group and its history, current events and successful customer stories. And of course there is also information here about where to find us and how to reach us.
الحياة الوظيفية
VAHLE Karriere
Take a look behind the scenes of a family-owned company. In our career section, you can find out everything about everyday working life and job profiles at the VAHLE Group, our training and further education opportunities, and current vacancies. And don't be shy: We are always looking for new, motivated colleagues!
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فاهلي فاي

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فاهلي الشرق الأوسط (م.م.ح.)
ص.ب. 9037، 400 م2 مستودع T5-044
المنطقة الحرة الدولية في الشارقة، الشارقة
الإمارات العربية المتحدة +971 6 5 77 92 66
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مزودك الأول لحلول الأتمتة والكهرباء المتنقلة في الشرق الأوسط وأفريقيا

تأسست شركة VAHLE الشرق الأوسط م.م.ح. الشرق الأوسط م.م.ح. منذ عام 2002، وهي شركة رائدة في توفير حلول البناء القياسية والمخصصة لتلبية احتياجات الأتمتة والكهربة المتنقلة لمختلف العملاء والصناعات في الشرق الأوسط وأفريقيا. يغطي النطاق تطبيقات مثل تكنولوجيا الرافعات، وتكنولوجيا الموانئ، والأتمتة الداخلية للخدمات اللوجستية، والصناعة العامة، ومحركات نقل الأشخاص، وركوب الملاهي. VAHLE الشرق الأوسط هي الخيار الأول الذي يجب مراعاته لتوريد المكونات والأنظمة والمشاريع الجاهزة.

تقنية الرافعة

نحن متخصصون في تكنولوجيا الرافعات والرفع. وبفضل حلول مبتكرة وسنوات عديدة من الخبرة، نقدم حلولاً مصممة خصيصاً لمواجهة تحديات عملائنا. نحن نقدم حلولاً خاصة بتطبيقات محددة للصناعات مثل مصانع الصلب، والمصانع المجلفنة، ومصانع الأسمنت والخرسانة، ومحطات التوربينات، وتحلية المياه وغيرها. تغطي حلولنا الأنظمة القياسية والمنحنية.  من التخطيط إلى التنفيذ، نحن نتميز بالجودة والموثوقية في تكنولوجيا الرافعات والرفع.

أتمتة الموانئ

نحن شركة رائدة في مجال كهربة وأتمتة الموانئ. تغطي خبرتنا حلولاً مبتكرة وسنوات عديدة من الخبرة في توفير أنظمة قياسية ومصممة خصيصًا للتحكم الفعال والموثوق في مرافق الموانئ، فنحن نوفر مجموعة واسعة من المنتجات والحلول لصناعة الموانئ مثل نظام فيستون، وبكرات الكابلات، وكهربة رافعات رافعات RTGs، وأتمتة معدات مناولة المواد في الموانئ، والتحكم في محطات الشحن، وحلول تخزين الطاقة، فنحن حل واحد لجميع احتياجاتك في مجال تخضير الموانئ. منتجاتنا عالية الجودة وخدماتنا من الدرجة الأولى تضمن لعملائنا أقصى قدر من الأداء والموثوقية التشغيلية.

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آخر الأخبار في فاهلي

VAHLE CEO Achim Dries is pleased about the confirmation of the sustainability initiatives. In the picture from left to right: Paul Brendian (VAHLE Controlling), Rainhard Goldmann (Creditreform), Achim Dries (CEO VAHLE Group). (Photo: VAHLE)

VAHLE receives double award from Creditreform

Find out more about the VAHLE Group's awards from Creditreform: EcoZert for sustainability and CrefoZert for excellent creditworthiness.

يتعلم أكثر
 (from left): Thomas Streicher (Managing Director of VAHLE Automation), Benjamin Massow (Interim Head of Department & Studies Head of Center for Production, Robotics & Automation), Andreas Herbst (Standortagentur Tirol / Cluster Mechatronik Tirol) and Michael Eckle (VAHLE Chief Innovation Officer and Managing Director of VAHLE Automation) look forward to the new location of VAHLE Automation in Innsbruck and the deepening cooperation.

"VA6020": VAHLE Group expands to Innsbruck

VAHLE Automation is expanding its innovation and development center with a new office in Innsbruck. The aim is to strengthen cooperation with local universities and make optimum use of the workforce ...

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VAHLE will be present at TOC Europe in Rotterdam, one of the world's largest trade exhibitions for port, ship and terminal technology, from June 11 to 13. Visit us at stand E20. (Photo: Adobe Stock/Taljat)

VAHLE receives electrification order for container blocks at Khalifa Port

VAHLE receives major order for the electrification and automation of container blocks at Khalifa Port, Abu Dhabi. Start of the first phase in summer 2024.

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ابق على اطلاع على نشرة VAHLE الإخبارية

سجل الان

Detect anomalies early and prevent system failures: VAHLE organizes webinar on the Smart Collector

A free online seminar in English will take place on June 20. Interested parties can register now.

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VAHLE will be present at TOC Europe in Rotterdam, one of the world's largest trade exhibitions for port, ship and terminal technology, from June 11 to 13. Visit us at stand E20. (Photo: VAHLE)

VAHLE presents developments for eco-friendly port concepts at TOC Europe in Rotterdam

VAHLE presents at TOC Europe: Focus on efficient and sustainable container handling.

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Visitors to the VAHLE stand at LogiMAT learned all about the latest products and tools from the energy and data transfer expert. (Photo: VAHLE)

VAHLE presents new product innovations at LogiMAT

The intralogistics highlight in March 2024: LogiMAT in Stuttgart. VAHLE presented the latest products and solutions there and is now presenting them in the new innovation magazine VAHLE Visions.

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